Most frequent questions and answers

When you are learning in a dojo you feel the energy and the spirit directly from the Sensei and the students around you. At the dojo, you are learning to develop yourself, but at the same time, you are learning about your surroundings and how to interact with the other students.

During Online Coaching lessons, the focus will only be on you.  We will focus on what I have mentioned in My Approach section.

I am a Sensei (4th Dan) and I teach at several dojos.  However, I will not be a Sensei to you. I will be your Karate Coach and Personal Trainer.

The techniques that you will learn are from “Shotokan” Karate. But the posture and body movements are the original methods that you can apply to any sport or activity that you learn throughout your life.

I cannot give you a blackbelt through online training yet, but I might in the future.

You will need to register at a local dojo and take your belt tests through your local organization, but you can continue to keep getting tips from me. 
I would recommend registering at a local organization representing the Japan Karate Association (JKA) since it is the oldest Shotokan Karate Association in Japan and the World. For more information, please check the JKA website


In my dojo in Japan, we have people who start from 50, 60 and even 70 years of age and over. Karate is for any age. Children usually start from 4 or 5 in a dojo because this is when they start learning “left” and “right.

Yes, you may.  However, doing Kihon, Kata, or Kumite and other types of training will help improve your techniques in your kata or kumite.  

Yes of course! But loyalty comes first!! If you have a Sensei or Sempai(senior) that is teaching you, those people should be the most important in your training.  Please show them respect by not talking back or asking questions that might offend them.

I recommend that each member joins on their own so I can give you individual advice. For group training, please send me an email to discuss.

Everyone is different. Training every day is ideal, but for busy people, once every two or three days may be right for you. The important point is to set a day and time and try to keep to it.

Each practice should be from 30 to 60 minutes if you are doing it alone. If you have other people working out or training with you, you may need more time. Training hard is important but be careful not to overtrain.

Sometimes you may feel improvements in your technique right away, but certain techniques require more time. Of course, this depends on your dedication.

For more information, please check the JKA website


When practicing with others, I believe wearing a dogi (karate uniform) is important. But if you are at home and training alone, you can wear any clothes that are suitable for exercise.

If you have one and you like to wear it, that is fine but training wear is also acceptable.

This depends on your doctor’s advice and the type of injury/problem.

A training partner is not necessary.

You do not need a lot of space for training but enough to be able to kick and punch. If you don’t have a room, then a hallway or a small open area would be fine.

It is not necessary, but you may pick up some along the way.